Sharp Cheddar on pumpernickel


“Uhh… what are you doing here?”
“Relax, Pumpkin. I’m just Cheddar Cheese, wearing a coat of pumpernickel bread. As you can tell from my colors of brown and yellow, I’m sort of Fall-colored.”
“Uhh… no you’re not. I’m a pumpkin. I’m more Fall than you.”
“Don’t be a jerk, Pumpkin. I’m just chilling out on a napkin and waiting for someone to taste my tangy goodness as it mixes with the mild rye flavor of my bread. Perhaps you’d like a napkin of your own to sit on and someone to eat you up?”
“Uhh… why would I want to be eaten up?”
“Because otherwise you will shrink and wither and die without serving any purpose.”
“Uhh… okay.”