Pork Roll Cheeseburger on bun


We kick off the fifth year of sandwich portraits with this memorable meal that put quite a smile on our faces, right before we hit the gym. Serve it with a plate of vegetables, because you’ve surely worked yourself into a health-hole if you decide to make and eat a pork roll cheeseburger. The combination of salty processed pork, melty American cheese, and juicy ground beef results in a delicious combination of flavors. And to hell with all the health concerns, anyway. Once in a while, on this crazy ride we call life, we have to veer off and do a few things that are bad for us. After all, if we’re honest about it, we don’t live in a binary world of good and bad– no, we live on a spectrum of experience. Try new things. Like we did here. Because we loved all the parts to this, but when they came together as one? Hey… it wasn’t better or worse than the parts– it was different.