Chicken Cheeseteak-Parmesan Hybrid


First, partially cook the chicken tenders on the stove, unbreaded, until they’re mostly done but moist. Remove chicken from the pan and pull it apart with forks, like the world tore you up the day you decided to begin this sandwich-making journey. Pour Italian-seasoned breadcrumbs into a sealable container, toss pulled chicken in, seal container, and shake vigorously. Remove now-breaded chicken and toss in pan with oil. Roll the chicken in the oil so it becomes crispy and flavorful. Remove excess oil and replace with some tomato sauce– just enough, bringing the temperature down to a simmer. Lid the pan to capture flavor and accelerate the bonding. Lift the lid, add the provolone cheese, re-lid, and wait. Moments later, remove the lid and begin to move the collection about, mixing all these wonderful parts into a glorious product that now operates as one. Collect the mixture with a spatula and slide it gracefully into a delectable soft sub roll. (Toast it, if you’d like to have your inner mouth assaulted with jagged, toasted bread.) Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and leave the dishes! Instead, stay in the moment as you take your first bite, chew carefully, and show the world how great it can be just by your actions.