Crab Cake on English muffin


Hershey, PA, is known for fountains of flowing chocolate, but while you’re in town and growing tired of tasting sweetness, you can take a short trip to Tröegs Brewing Company. There, you will find this wonderful pile of goodness: a crab cake on a made-from-scratch English muffin. Note the house bacon laying under the crab cake, not getting wet by the delicious remoulade sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion (or that dastardly pickle set atop the bun*). I know what you’re thinking– English muffin? But it’s not what you think. No gaping nooks or crannies here– instead it holds things together quite well without making a mess out of all that food. Oh, and don’t forget the beer (we prefer Jovial)!

*Personal preference