Uncrustables® Sandwich


In our never-ending quest to determine what makes a sandwich, we examine the Smucker’s Uncrustable. Perfect for school lunches as the contents defrost, the bread-pocket of peanut butter and grape jelly is also fine for around the house, when you’re stuck inside because of an unexpected chill and cloudy skies. Kind of Smucker’s to deliver wheat bread, too. The challenge in the uncrustable is that magic defrost time. Bite too early and you get semi-frozen peanut butter. Bite too late and you get mush. You have to find just the right time to pounce, which is something that’s difficult in this life. Sometimes you move too soon and find something hard and unwelcoming, sometimes you move too late and find chaos too difficult to contain. Find your balance and do your best– that’s good enough, and don’t forget it.