Duck Cheesesteak on steak roll


Duck is a classy meat. It’s hard to come by and hasn’t been featured here until now. What we’ve found is the scrappiest presentation of Ebenezer Scrooge’s favorite Christmas meal centerpiece. Chop up the tough meat and let it blend with cheese to soften it into something that will melt in your mouth as you experience this tiny (one-of-three sliders) cheesesteak from Ale Mary’s at the Bittenbender in Scranton, PA. Peppers and onion, to boot, help guide your taste buds to a comforting place, like the eatery itself. Crispy fries help tame the flavor of that tucked away surprise sriracha aioli. The discovery never ends, until you get stuffed and take home the leftovers. That’s right– this picture is just the leftovers!