Turkey and Cheese on Italian


It’s about timing some days. You think you have it all together, but something unexpected comes at you. Handle it. I know you will. Still, of all the things to be rushed, a sandwich on the go is the most tragic. Here, Eckrich honey roasted and smoked turkey is squeezed between shredded lettuce and American cheese, melding into the Italian roll it was prepared on. It’s good to be prepared. It’s good to make lunch the night before. But a sandwich held tight by plastic wrap only exposes its insecurities– its insides that are as delicate as yours and mine. See, we’re not that different, sandwich and me. We both have a lot on the inside, and we’d both suffocate in plastic. Once used to preserve you, sandwich, it now holds you back until that moment of unwrapping, when all of your scents gloriously fire through the air. And if it hasn’t been too long– Lord willing, it has not been– then your freedom is sweet for all. Lunch on the go? Nay, lunch on hold. For when the moment comes, it will be tremendous.