French Dip Sandwich


For our 100th post, we feature a classy experience: the French dip sandwich. Imagine if you could take a cheesesteak to a fancy restaurant– it would be this sandwich. But why would you take a sandwich to a restaurant at all? Because it’s that good. Layer choice rib eye steak with provolone cheese and mushrooms and serve it on French bread. Now it gets exciting. On the side, make a dip from the meat’s juices, diluted with some oil, a dash of wine, and beef stock, if necessary. While enjoying the succulent flavor from the sandwich, don’t hesitate to take a plunge into the barrage of taste from the dip. It’s there for dipping. Dip. Drip. Bite. Take a sigh of relief after you swallow it down. There’s more to come, and each bite can be just as delicious.